“The book was great: very funny and the dialogue is very realistic.  I could totally see some of the situations happening in real life.”

n     Serena Bracewell, Changsha, China

“I thought it was a terrific book and fun to read; I really felt like I knew the characters when I was done.”

n     Andie Gaul, Stow, OH

“Your style is smooth and accomplished, and your managing of the plot - involving several lines - was very artfully done.  You drew me from chapter to chapter.  I also felt that you were successful in implicitly commending what is essentially a (Christianly) faithful response to relationships and difficulties without stumbling into preaching at the reader.  The characters as a group were defined, rounded, real, human, and attractive; the "world" of the story felt natural as well.”

n     Dr. Jon Laansma, PhD, Wheaton, IL

"I just finished your book a few days ago.  It was hard to put down!  I can't wait until your next book comes out!"

n     Jessica Bennett, Ames, IA

“I fell in love with the characters.”

n     Dean Cox, Corydon, IA

Garth's Widow was an entertaining drama about life's ups and downs, and God's faithfulness through all of it.  The characters are intriguing and realistic, and the story moves at a perfect pace.  If you are looking for a fun, dramatic read, Garth's Widow is for you!”

n     Mark Knafl, Champaign, IL

 "I checked out your mom's site and I think she's amazing.  I think I read everything in the site because she is so funny."

n     John Toms, Flagstaff, AZ (friend of Cath’s daughter)

Read the book and want to give a review.